The Natural Reserve of the Diaccia Botrona is a wildlife sanctuary just inland from Castiglione della Pescaia in Tuscany. It is an example of what was once a huge inland lake, dating back to Etruscan/Roman times, that covered the whole area between Grosseto and the coast. Gradually over the centuries it has dryed up and became a swamp. Unfortunately (about since XV century) the nature of the swamp land meant that malaria was present and cities like Grosseto in the summer became deserted as people moved to higher ground to avoid the Mosquitos and towns like Scansano became summertime centre of interest for the local populations. From the XVIII century since beginning of 1900 has been draining the land and removing the static water helped combat malaria mosquitos and as part of that drainage canals and water flow control gates were built. Today at the entrance to the Diaccia Botrona the evidence is clear with the “Red house” (the building containing water flow control gates) which is now a museum. We visited the nature reserve and looked at the wildlife present and took a walk on the trails which pass through the park.