The Maremma area has historically been an area that has seen many thousands of years of human activity with many signs of that dotted over the landscape. Our aim over time is to show you some of those features and visit them to see what they are like. Today we visited one of these small hidden gems hidden up in the hills surrounding Tirli, the church of Sant’Anna. By the very nature of the area being wooded the hills were once a refuge for Bandits, resistance fighters and also religious orders. The Eremo di Sant’Anna, as it is known in Italian, was a little church built in 17th century by father Giovanni Niccolucci from Batignano, then abandoned at the end of the 19th century. The current church was built from the remnants of the old little church in 1971 and consecrated by the bishop of Grosseto Mons. Primo Gasparri. Reaching Sant’Anna is fairly easy (see embeded map) and is an ideal place for those that like the open air and wood environment.