To the north of Punta Ala and south of Cala Violina is one of those beaches that I never want to leave. The wild pinewood leads us directly onto this white beach of very fine sand. In the distance to the right and left rocky spur can be seen. They say that on the right (to the north) on the first hill steer on the sea the white tower you can see is called Torre Civette, beyond the promontory can be seen the Cala delle Civette and then you see an even more protected cove, that of Cala Violina. On the other hand, to the south is visible the rocky promontory of the town of Punta Ala topped by Balbo castle. But my favourite view is one to the fore, particularly for August sunsets. The sun sinking behind the island of Elba... never ceases to send a thrill and I treat myself to it as often as possible. Immersed in the north pinewood that overlooks this magnificent beach are two large campsites.

There's four-star PuntAla Camp & Resort, for the generous size of its pitches, the guaranteed and strictly respected privacy of its luxuriant natural setting. Other than pitches it also offers maxicaravans and prefabricated or wooden bungalows. The difference of this place is clear when you enter: respect for nature certified and organized in its details and appreciation for life outdoors through sport (especially sailing and mountain-biking).

Those staying at these two places can enjoy the beach to the full, using the campsite's parasol service or alternatively the public beach. Parking in this area is very restricted. Whoever is staying in the campsites has their own car park, while those coming from further afield can park in two parking car parks in the pinewood at Casetta Civinini, well indicated on the main road for Punta Ala. The number of places is restricted therefore we suggest rushing in the morning to bag a space for your car or motorbike. Parking outside these indicated areas is strictly forbidden and you risk not only being fined but also the removal of your vehicle.