The city of Pisa used Castiglione della Pescaia as an element in their system of defence along the Tyrrhenian coast. They built first a single tower on top of the hill, then gradually later made that in to three towers joined by a defensive wall that became the citadel. Features in the centre include arches and high walls that give a castle feel to the town which also contains two large churches. The city from within has commanding views over the surrounding area with nearly all directions within the town looking towards the sea it is hard to not enjoy stunning views over the bay towards Marina di Grosseto. The architecture dates from more than 500 years ago with the first bricks being laid in the castle walls by the king of Naples in 1447. The church of Santa Maria del Giglio was initiated in 1773. As mainly a historic centre now the old town has mainly houses and one restaurant, however it is an essential visit for those wishing to experience a classical Tuscan medieval coastal town.