The Maremman coast benefits from not only being warm and beautiful but also it happens to be subject to some reliable wind movements that makes it ideal for sailing. Much of the coast has different ports with big boat sailing facilities that are ideal as a place to start an island hopping adventure. Also though over the last ten years there have been many small boat events taking place at various points along the coast.
Most recently the AClass world championships were held in Punta Ala with sailors like Glenn Ashby taking part in the challenge to become the best in the world. A class is essentially the Formula one of boat racing and with 150 crews the coastline proved ideal for a race location. With consistent winds and beautiful easy beaches to launch from and great weather, the Maremma race became popular and was seen all over the world.
This though was not just a one off event, throughout the season it is possible to sail safely and enjoyably along the whole coastline.
From Punta Ala to Marina Di Grosseto you will find great places to launch from, take lessons at or visit an event when they take place.
We have put together some video from our last season giving a taste of the sailing conditions that can be found and some of the views of the coast line.