Organize and to be excited to spend a day at the park and stay out for some failing fundamental info ... does remain really bad "word of those who have tried."
So I give you my travel notes:

The routes
There are several routes all very different in degree of difficulty, for setting, for driving timing or seasonal practicality. Almost all routes you can also practice independently, always with the-trained nature guides of the Maremma Park. Indeed … always it is incorrect: every season has its organizational peculiarities.

In summer (from mid June to end of September) some routes (A1 - San Rabano, A3 - Le Grotte, A4 - Cala di Forno and P1 - Birdwatching) are closed for the strong fire hazard. The itineraries A5 / A6-Forest / Fauna and A7-Bocca d'Ombrone are accessible independently. The routes A2, T1, T2 and T3 are compulsorily guided from 15 June to 15 September. The shuttle service is continuous. Anyway go wondered details and purchased the tickets at the visitor center. In summer access with their car to the parking fee at Marina di Alberese, it is limited, and being very coveted summer, council entrance rather early riser or you could stand still under the sun at the height of bars (area after Spergolaia) waiting for someone to come out to take his place giving you the change. If you want to go to the beach to the park in more relaxed times should go to Alberese, leave your car in the parking lot and take the bus service to Marina di Alberese (quite frequently). Again recommend preventively contact the visitor center. Going in the park, at Alberese Marina bicycle: nothing simpler! Alberese to Marina di Albarese there is a very modern flat bike path, 8.5 km long (open all year).

FALL, WINTER, SPRING (October 1 to June 14)
During this time of year the visits are without prior guidance by paying an entrance fee, with time starting from 9.00 up to 1 hour before sunset. The entrance to the beginning of the routes is only via shuttle. In autumn periods, winter (November - March) there is a shuttle service called for weekdays, which must be booked by the morning of the day before the hike. On holidays, in the spring and summer the shuttle service is continuous. The visits to itineraries T1, T2 and T3 are accessible independently, for a fee, from 16 September to 14 June. Info and tickets at the Visitor Center of Telamone.

the path at one of the visitor centers:
Visitor Center Alberese
Via Bersagliere, 7/9 - Alberese (Gr)
Tel. +39 0564 407098 - Fax. +39 0564 407278,