Free-diving or diving with breathing apparatus, Grosseto's underwater world awaits you. The seabeds of the Tuscan Archipelago and the Maremman coasts are rich in flora and fauna, and the area is particularly suitable for exciting underwater excursions. Even talking about them will get you dreaming! A dear friend of mine, a lover of the sea in general and above all of diving, for years tried to convince me to take courses to get my diving certificate, so that I could accompany him to discover one of these splendid places. Every time I saw him getting ready for one of these trips, the passion was visible in his eyes and desire to dive in such crystal clear waters, deeper and deeper, in the hope of meet some strange fish or shellfish or perhaps even a forgotten wreck. He keeps telling me that the sea holds a thousand treasures! The concept was a source of perpetual fascination to me, but in spite of my love for the sea and my region, I did not want to go so deep! You need a certain experience and technical preparation to dive so deep while breathing through oxygen cylinders! It is a parallel world down below, so large and rich, a diverse and splendid ecosystem. I remember that he could go at any time of year, even in winter or in the hottest days of the year, he put on his wet suit and set off for adventure. Obviously in the company of his close friends. Each time it was a new experience, such rich, multicolored seabeds took him on the quest of fascinating new worlds: shoals, rock faces, grottoes, seashells, corals, wrecks... even the best photographs are unable to convey the explosion of colors and shakes of this hidden underwater world! I always listened to him in awe! Today diving has become a proper sport, hobby and a passion to be nurtured. Fortunately Maremma is home to many centres - catering for all tastes - that organize these types of excursions! For the less experienced or those preparing to dive for the first time there are short courses to try out the excitement of diving up to 12 meters with a personal instructor, while there are unforgettable nocturnal trips or courses lasting a whole day, even as deep as 30 meters! Whether you have you own personal equipment or not, does not matter, you can hire it on board authorized boats or even at the destination and set off. A sport for those who love the sea and nature, for everyone who loves to explore and discover the most hidden of worlds and surprise themselves every time with Mother Nature's show. The geographical structure and the beauty of the coasts of the region of Grosseto definitely offer this opportunity. Therefore the next time you have a choice, choose the Tuscan Maremma coast!

Video: Sestante Diving – Castiglione della Pescaia