29th edition of the Legambiente International Festival ... the theme of Holiday Property 2017 is the Civilian Economy. Program, information, tickets ...

4th August 2017, Edoardo Bennato

5th August 2017, Tre allegri ragazzi morti, le luci della centrale elettrica

6th August 2017, Flavio Insinna

7th August 2017, Vinicio Capossela

8th August 2017, Stefano Bollani

9th August 2017, Neri Marcorè

10th August 2017, Samuel

11th August 2017, Planet funk

12th August 2017, Levante

13th August 2017, Emis Killa

14th August 2017, Sabina Guzzanti

15th August 2017, The Wailers


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Here you can download the map to visit Festambiente 2017: